This Old Truck Has One Nasty Idle… Beast!

If you want to go fast, you can build just about anything you want. Whether be conventional or not, where there’s a will, there is definitely a way. Now, the Chevrolet C10 is a popular platform to build and create a show truck out of. However, when it comes to going fast on the drag strip, it’s not too often that you see a big body old-school piece of American iron towing machine out there blasting down the track or street.
This time, however, we’re in for quite a treat as we’re able to check out a Chevrolet C10 prostreet drag truck as it’s fired up and pulled out of the garage to shake off the cobwebs and show us what it’s got!

When this massive hunk of American iron rumbles out of the garage, the idle behind it that the truck makes with that big cam practically sends a chill down your spine as it makes its way out to see the fresh sunlight once again. When you get a close-up look at this truck, you can tell that it’s a lot more than a go fast machine as it brings a certain polish to the game as well, providing a machine that looks as good as it sounds. Now, all that’s left to do, is for us to watch this thing run at wide open throttle to see if they can back that shine up which we don’t think would be a problem at all.

Check out the video below as this monster roars to life and practically intimidates everyone within earshot just by running its engine. After checking out the truck, be sure to let us know what your favorite feature of this beast just so happens to be. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic like this, especially with the level of attention to detail that’s paid to this truck that just really seems to come together oh so well.