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Corvette Gets A Lesson From A Dodge Ram CUMMINS! UNBEATABLE Coal Roller!


Bigkleib34 will take us again to another interesting drag race where a Cummins truck gone wild and nuts to prove what a diesel powered vehicle is capable at. This Cummins truck can pull off an astounding 1000hp from its powerful engine and this video will show us this truck doing few passes. We can see how this Cummins kills a corvette and other cars on the dragstrip! This will surely make you eager to own a Ram 2500 right away!

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Kelly Bise and KP Racing have been known to build some extreme high horsepower racecars! Check out their twin C6 Corvettes (known as double trouble) both sporting twin turbo setups, one making 1600HP and big brother packing 3000HP! Tuner Joe Hunnycutt pilots the monster vette down the airfield at a soft 190mph, but loses traction at the finish line sending him on a wild ride through the grass! Luckily no one was hurt and Joe drove the car back to the pits under its own power with some cosmetic damage due catching some “Duke’s of Hazard” style air! We’re sure they’ll be back good as new soon at the next airfield event to put up a big MPH pass if they can get that power to the ground.

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Hemi Cuda vs GTO Judge Drag Race!


The Hemi Cuda takes on the Pontiac GTO Judge in a quarter-mile drag race of the ages.

pontiac gto1

1/4 mile drag race between a rare 1970 Ram Air III GTO Judge and a very rare 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda. The Hemi Cuda is powered by a 426 cubic inch Hemi with factory dual four barrel carburetors which makes 425 horsepower. The GTO is powered by a 400 cubic Ram Air III engine which is rated at 366 horsepower.

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The Pros of Drag Week show you how to Burnout, Stage, and Launch!


When looking for the latest and greatest drag racing information, there is no better place to get that than at Drag Week. These are guys who are experts by trial and error and you can ask each and everyone of them the same question and get a different answer—because each have their own, unique experience.
In a short video from Hot Rod, a handful of drivers give their view on how to do a burnout before rocketing off down the track and collecting a fast ET. Prior to lining up, cars enter the water box, where a puddle of water has been laid so drivers can perform a burnout. This is to heat the tires up, make them sticky, which is supposed to translate to better traction.
Now, you’d think that doing a burnout is a non-thinking man’s activity, but there is more to it than that. Some drivers, as highlighted in the video, like to pull to the front of the water box, while others like to sit right in the middle. Some drivers do big, smoky burnouts while others do a quick “hazing.” The goal is to get the tires to the same temperature as the track. This allows the tires to adhere better to the racing surface when launching the high horsepowered drag monsters.
After the burnout, the cars enter pre stage and stage—getting their front tires between two sensors. Once both cars are staged, drivers have four-tenths of a second before the lights change and the hammers drop. If a car has a fast speed, but a slow ET, opined one driver, then the car is losing traction somewhere along the way.
Who knew there was so much more to drag racing?
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NOS Spells End For Ram Truck!


There is a sweet irony whenever someone is trying to flaunt his swagger and fails. However, like big engines and big amounts of horsepower, egos are even bigger. Granted, embarrassing one’s self and destroying one’s car are on two completely different levels of fail.
We are all enthusiasts who enjoy our cars, even when battle lines are drawn in blood and any reconciliation is nil.
A video that has garnered its fair share of views over the last few days shows an embarrassing and painful explosion of a diesel Ram on the dyno—the automotive equivalent of the Olympics.
A cracked block spelled demise for Shawn Baca’s truck. The Ram was already at 4,600 rpms when a hit of NOS resulted in a spectacular fireball. Oftentimes, competition gets the best of us, and in the quest for 2,000 horsepower, a good truck was lost.
We will pour one out for Baca’s truck.

Deric Kramer Spectacular Pro Stock Crash!


Pro Stock driver Deric Kramer got out of the groove and tried to pull it back in when his Pro Stock car lifted and rolled several times at the NHRA Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas. Kramer walked away uninjured in the incident.

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Jay Leno Hoons Z06 ‘Vert, Cop Busts His Ass!

Seeing a cop’s flashing lights behind you is a bad start to a day. But seeing Jay Leno say, “This is not gonna end well,” while getting pulled over in a new Z06 is a great way to start a video.
In today’s “Celebrities: they’re just like us!” moment, denim-clad everyman Leno takes a pre-production, 650-horse Z06 convertible for a spin on Jay Leno’s Garage. As perfectly coiffed GM bro Shad Balch sits shotgun, Jay plants the LT4’s gas pedal. WOT is achieved, cop lights flash and hilarity ensues. Famous last words: “Man this thing is fast!” (Woop WOOP).
Despite the fact that Leno is filthy rich, ridiculously connected and probably talked his way out of it, this piece is a humorous reminder of just how democratic our motorized society is. Because Johnny Law treats all instances of rolling jackassery the same! Good luck with that, Jay.

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17 Year Old Girls INSANE Twin Turbo Camaro


Alex Taylor – The YOUNGEST competitor to ever enter Drag Week (16 years old at Drag Week 2013) – has returned this year with TWIN TURBOS on her Camaro! This thing is bad…and we were shocked to see that she stepped it up this year from her N/A LSX powerplant to this twin turbo MONSTER! Not only is this a car she built for Drag Week, but she also drives this thing DAILY! Watch as she and her dad scream down the drag strip in this awesome feature!


A Beast On The Track! A 2400 HP CORVETTE C6 Called UNICORN! Check it Out & FEEL THE RUSH!


We still chuckle when we see the two massive turbos and hood-exiting exhausts that look like horns on the front of this twin-turbo, bottle-fed Chevrolet Corvette C6, dubbed the Unicorn Vette.

Owned by D3 Performance Engineering (not to be confused with D3 Cadillac), this 2,400 hp Corvette might take the title of being the most terrifying C6 in existence — just watch the front end of this car shake with rage (at the 2 minute mark in the video) as it warms up its beefy tires. While the Corvette struggles to keep its footing, it still manages to get a clean with a top speed of just over 180 mph — which is not too shabby. More impressively is the way the Vette manages to pull on the 1,800 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo, 1,200 horsepower LS-swapped Lexus IS, and a fellow C6 Corvette rated at 1,700 horsepower.

Granted, the Unicorn Vette makes more power than all of the cars it takes down, but the car was never dynoed with the juice turned all the way up (aka 35+ pounds of boost), so who knows what the actual numbers for it really are.