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Learn The Differences Between SUPERCHARGERS And TURBOCHARGERS!


This video was made to describe in moderate detail the differences between Superchargers and Turbo Chargers, as well as describing the components, advantages, and disadvantages to each. Complementing the speaking track is a slideshow of related pictures and videos. I hope this video helps some of you curious up and coming mechanics to better understand methods of forced induction.

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1971 Dodge Charger 612 HEMI Terrifies The Audience!

612 Hemi

Maybe you are used to the aggressive 1972 Dodge Charger look, but what’s under the hood will make your jelly tremble, literally! And our reaction was like “God damn, this is not human at all”! Let’s bring a little history about this everlasting black beauty. Yeah, this is one of the “survivor” cars through the decades which are still fighting on the good, old fashioned way with the new technology. What does this 612 HEMI mean to you?

Watch this beautiful 1972 Dodge Charger 612 HEMI in action!

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Shaun Hewitt’s ’70 Chevelle has show car looks and the heart of a brawler


Shaun’s the owner of Hewitt High Performance and one of the absolute go-to guys in the Bay area for LS engine builds, swaps, and complete car projects. This Chevelle is his calling card, and it is his way to throw a few haymakers like that bouncer in the corner. See, there’s really two Shauns, and you’re really looking at two Chevelles.

There’s Shaun one, who is the business owner, dedicated mechanic, and walking encyclopedia regarding the LS family of engines and how to wring stupid power out of them. There’s Chevelle one with the beautiful paint, 20-inch hoops, big brakes, and super clean interior. Then there’s Shaun two. That’s the guy known as SS Shaun on YouTube shown dominating late-night street races in the same Chevelle that you just mistook for a show car. Both this car and Shaun’s business have been part of a long-term success story, the kind of which we love to hear.

By The Numbers

1970 Chevy Chevelle
Shaun Hewitt • Hayward, California


Type: 370ci GM LS2-based V-8

Block: ’04 Chevrolet cast-iron

Bore x stroke: 4.03 x 3.60 inches

Rotating assembly: factory LS2 crank, Eagle 6.125-inch rods, and Wiseco forged pistons with steel top ring

Compression ratio: 10.0:1

Cylinder heads: stock GM LS2, casting No. 243, unmodified

Camshaft: COMP Cams solid roller, .609/.613-inch lift, 236/242 degrees duration at .050-inch lift, 114-degree LSA

Valvetrain: stock valves, COMP Cams 7.4-inch chrome-moly pushrods, Patriot Gold valvesprings, SLP double-roller timing chain

Induction: ProCharger D1SC feeding an Edelbrock Pro Flo XT intake manifold, K&N air cleaner

Exhaust: Edelbrock stepped 1 ¾- to 17/8-inch headers into a 3-inch X-pipe, 3-inch tubing to the back

Ignition: stock GM coil-on-plug

Cooling: three-core aluminum radiator with 4,000-cfm cooling fans

Other: Autocraft oil pan

Output: 689 hp at 6,500 rpm and 606 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 rpm (rear wheel)

Engine built by: Shaun Hewitt


Transmission: T56 six-speed manual with Monster Stage 3 hydraulic clutch, Pro 5.0 shifter

Rearend: GM 12-bolt with 3.73 gears and Detroit Truetrac differential


Frame: stock frame

Front suspension: tubular upper and lower control arms (unknown brand), QA1 adjustable coilover shocks, QA1 400-pound springs, Addco sway bar

Rear suspension: swap meet springs of unknown rate, Hellwig Pro Tour sway bar, QA1 12-way adjustable shocks, Pure Muscle adjustable upper and lower control arms

Steering: stock components with GM/Saginaw quick-ratio steering box

Brakes: C5 Corvette 13-inch discs (front), factory 2002 Camaro discs (rear)


Wheels: Niche, 20×8.5 (front), 20×10.5 (rear)

Tires: 245/40R20 BFG (front), 305/35R20 Mickey Thompson drag radial (rear)

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LOUD & BRUTAL SOUND! Stunning Agent 47 Harbinger Mustang Caught On The Street!


Make a place for the classic, please ! When such car is coming you have got to move over so the car would be able to be displayed ! This is actually how the video starts, there is this Matte Black paint job Harbinger Mustang moving between the crowd and once he wants to turn right the car coming from the opposite direction simply stops and lets this beast to pass by. The stunning Agent 47 Harbinger Mustang was caught on the street thanks to its loud and brutal sound!

We see it posing for the gathered people and treats us with a nice starting engine sound. Also, we have the chance briefly to hear its engine idling before it disappears in the distance.

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Watch a XY Ford Falcon smoke a Lamborghini Gallardo!!!


It’s not everyday that you see a modern supercar lose a drag race – even from a roll – against an old-school muscle car, especially one from the land down under.

In other words, you should probably consider yourself lucky for being a part of this Internet videos phenomenon, which lets people broadcast stuff like this from the other side of the world.

In short, the following short video was filmed by the passengers of an unspecified Lamborghini Gallardo model that tried to have a go at an Australian Ford Falcon GT, which looks to be of the XY variety.

Completely unexpected, the (probably) highly-tuned Aussie Ford pull quite a bit better that the (probably) stock Lamborghini, making for a rather short but somewhat shameful race for the Italian supercar.

Naturally, there is no way of knowing how much purebreds are housed under the hood of the muscle car – probably a huge stud of horses – but having a short look at the period tires and stock-looking body would make no one believe it can stack up against a Gallardo, never mind beating one from a roll.

The Ford Falcon GT XY (if that is the model, our Aussie readers should correct us) was manufactured for only two years and was available in quite a number of body variants, but the sedan is probably the most “Q-car” of them all, with the orange model in the following video being a perfect example.

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Chevy Shows How Silverado’s Steel Bed Outperforms Ford’s Aluminum

chevy vs ford

General Motors Co.’s Chevrolet brand is touting the strength of its pickup bed vs. the Ford F-150 in a new national marketing campaign that featured a four-page wrapped newspaper ad in Wednesday’s Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and USA Today.

The bow-tie brand launched a new advertising campaign Wednesday that highlights lab tests and demonstrations of a loader dumping concrete blocks into the truck beds of the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ford F-150. Chevy says the demonstrations, including in videos, show the differences and benefits of the Silverado’s rolled formed high-strength steel bed over the 2016 F-150’s stamped aluminum truck bed, with the Silverado bed outperforming the F-150 bed.

“We engineer and build our trucks with customers’ expectations in mind. For example, Silverado features a roll-formed, high-strength steel bed because truck customers demand the ability to haul their toys, tools and other cargo,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet truck marketing director, in a statement. “These videos demonstrate the real-world benefits of the Silverado’s bed, in both extreme and everyday scenarios.”

Chevrolet spokesman Jim Cain said an advertising campaign featuring two-minute, 60-second and 30-second commercials begins airing Wednesday, with heavy rotations planned on ESPN during “SportsCenter” and during NASCAR racing, Major League Baseball and the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals. The videos also will be shown in movie theaters starting Wednesday before films start.

The ads continue Chevy’s “Real People. Not Actors” campaign and included Ford, Toyota, Ram and Chevy customers, Cain said. GM is not disclosing the cost of its new Silverado marketing campaign.

In a video, a load of concrete blocks is dumped a few times into the beds of each trucks and they then view the results. The ad shows the Silverado ends up with some dents, while the F-150 bed had some puncture holes. Another test included pushing a steel tool box off the side rail of the truck into the bed, and had similar results.

Mike Levine, North America product communications manager for Ford Motor Company, stood behind the F-150’s durability.

“When you’re the market leader for 39 years, competitors sometimes try to take shots at you with marketing stunts,” Levine said. “The fact remains that F-150’s high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy cargo box offers the best combination of strength, durability, corrosion resistance, capability, safety and fuel efficiency ever offered in a pickup. We have built nearly a million new F-150s, and our lead over the competition continues to grow.”

This isn’t the first time Chevy has taken shots at the Ford F-150 in advertising. Last year, Chevy used a 700-pound grizzly bear, a fake superhero and NFL Hall-of-Famer Howie Long to make light and aim at the aluminum F-150 in videos and advertising.

The F-150 is the sales leader in pickups. Through May this year, F Series truck sales have totaled 324,307, up 7.4 percent, while Silverado sales have totaled 223,990, down 0.1 percent year-over-year. May Silverado sales were down 12.7 percent.

Chevrolet did the demonstrations without bedliners, though about half of customers buy a bedliner when it leaves the dealership, according to Chevy.

Cain said GM engineers discovered the difference of the beds during benchmark testing of competitor vehicles and were surprised.

The 2015 F-150 was the first pickup to be made with a body and bed of aluminum, helping save around 700 pounds compared to the 2014 model.

Chevy said in its testing, it used a wedge-shaped striker that weighed 17 pounds and the Silverado bed remained intact up to 90 joules of impact energy, while the aluminum-bed floor had hairline cracks at 30 joules and was completely punctured at 40 joules.

Another test included dropping 55 landscape blocks weighing about 825 pounds into the beds of the Silverado and F-150 from 5 feet above. Chevy said in all 12 comparisons shot for its video, the Silverado had scratches and dents in the truck bed, while the F-150 bed sustained punctures in each drop, averaging 4.3 punctures per drop. Chevy said it believes that “could reduce the utility” of the F-150’s bed.

In the toolbox drop, the Silverado was dented in 12 of 14 demos and twice left a pinhole puncture in the bed. Chevy says that the toolbox left “sizable” punctures in the truck bed during 13 demonstrations, while one left a dent.

“If a customer does manage to puncture the high-strength steel bed of the Silverado, they have the added peace of mind knowing steel tends to be easier to repair than aluminum — potentially saving money and minimizing time without their truck,” Piszar said in a statement.

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WORLD RECORD – 7 Second SRT-10 Truck!


Prepare yourself well before you click play. This is one of the craziest sounds that you have even heard coming out from a Truck.

1900+ Crank Horsepower! Twin 88s, a viper motor and giant tires makes for one BADASS Dodge pickup! We fell in love with this thing the instant we heard it drive by, and for good reason! The guys over at JMB put together this MONSTER of a truck that breaks into the 7-second territory on one of it’s first passes down the track at Drag Week test and tune! The fabrication work on this pickup is a piece of art!

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Nissan GT-R Gets Destroyed By Dodge Challenger Hellcat, But Can’t Get Away From The Cops!!!


She is a very dangerous “cat”, one of a kind, she wants to play with bad boys of her class, this time she did it with the Nissan GT-R, a mighty Japanese charmer.

There was a time when the Nissan GT-R was called the supercar killer. In many ways it still is, but now it has some fresh competition – and it’s from America. If you haven’t figured it out from the title, that new contender is the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. In straight line, drag race-style duels, the Challenger Hellcat completely annihilates the GT-R. Godzilla has been defeated by a Hellcat. Nice. What’s more is that the GT-R featured here has been modified.
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Chevy Nova SS On Fire! RIP for Headphone Users!


Bad Ass Nova Each car and owner on the five-race tour has their own story, but the one virtually everybody wanted to know about was Larry Larson. Make no mistake, Larson’s car does look like a race car. This wild Chevy Nova ss we found on ebay, and by the looks of it, this is a full on no expense spared build. The owner claims it started out as a rust free 118 Vin code Nova body and was given the Pro Street look. The engine is a 502 Chevy crate motor, backed by a 400 turbo trans, and a narrowed 9″ ford rear. Up front a Chris Alston front clip with air ride suspension at all four corners.

A mean looking Chevy Nova ss that is just about to tare up the entire drag strip and do some serious damage. The owner of the video did not gave as some specs about this mean looking Chevy Nova ss , but from the looks of it, it sure as hell reminds a lot on Stuntman Mike’s 1971 Chevy Nova, from Quentin Tarantino`s Death Proof movie. this one does not have the duck ornament at the front of the hood, but that is why there is the supercharger that is sticking out of the hood and gives it even more notorious appearance. And I can bet for sure that it can do much more damage than the Stuntman Mike’s Death Proof – on the drag strip of course!The paint is near perfect and it has to be to show off the mirrored black finish. The owner explains it took just over three years to complete at a cost of almost $200 grand to complete, and he is offering it for half of that as a “buy it now,” and is also accepting serious offers.

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