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The Best Sound You Have Ever Heard-1970 Dodge Charger 440!

Dodge Charger 440

Even though modern cars produced nowadays are made to be as quiet as possible nobody can remain calm at this beautiful sound. This 1970 Charger 440 may need a few tries to start up, it can take some extra, totally worth, minutes of your life and the start may be cold, but when it starts no one can ignore it.
The car enthusiasts consider this car the most beautiful thing they have ever seen and they also share the thought that the sound this car makes is the most beautiful music they have ever heard in their life.
Do you agree with them?
Before making any decision you should definitely watch this video.

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Tom Nesper’s 1/4 Scale ’34 Ford V8 Powered

Modeling and custom building scale vehicles bodies and adding a lot of miniature stuff at them to look really close to the real one, is a real thing for Tom Nesper. Some people would say that some boys never grow up. But, this guy has a passion building this adorable little things.
The 1934 Ford is a road functional. It has a mini V8 engine which Tom has building it for several years right now. Also it has featuring working brake lights, headlights, signal lights and other cool stuff. He can even start or stop the vehicle with his remote control. Amazing work.

Dodge Charger vs. Tuned 2.2 V-Tec Honda Civic

It is a story about some guys with their Dodge Chargers going for a ride downtown and meeting a guy with his Honda Civic. Stopping to get something to eat, the Honda guy showed his precious car and what it held under the hood. He also showed them some videos of the Honda and started bragging how fast she was. His car was equipped and ready for speed. So, the Honda guy got their attention.
They decided to do a little test on their own. The driver in the 1970 Dodge Charger had never raced before. But he decided to measure up with the Honda. The other guy is in the back following them with his camera filming this sort of speed testing in his 1968 Dodge Charger.
Watch the video and see the result from this amateur testing of speed. Nevertheless, the Honda guy gave his deep respect towards the old school muscle cars. See what a stock Mopar can do against a high tech tuner.


THE LOST DODGE: Released Unseen Photos of forgotten 1969 Dodge Daytona

A guy named Charlie Lyons always wanted to have a 1969 Dodge Daytona and finally he had found one! These photos has been made by the professional photographer, John Machaqueiro, who went to the Alabama country side to show the world this beauty of Daytona. He made really good photos of the Dodge with extremely high details. He made excellent job shooting and filming this 1969 Dodge Daytona. So now, we are all wondering what will happen to this beauty? Would be restore or would be left as it is? Maybe it will be left as a piece of history?
But, Charlie Lyons, and his two kids, Marcus and Kody are having restoring shop in Irvington, Alabama. They are specialized for bringing old machines back to life. Charlie and his sons were working on other cars when he heard about the Daytona he always wanted. He was amazed .He and his sons, drove to the country side to see the Daytona and met the owner. The Daytona beauty was sleeping forgotten in the barn in Glenwood, Alabama, a small town near Montegomery. The owner said to him that the car has 20,000 miles on it and he allowed his dog to sleep in the front seat which was tore apart and a little damaged. In the conversation with the owner Charlie could tell that the owner was still attached to the Daytona and not selling it. Charlie left his contact information to the owner if someday he will change his mind and sell it to Charlie. Charlie was devastated when they left.
After five or six months, the guy texted Charlie, that he would advertise the car for selling and asked for certain amount of money if he want it. Charlie immediately agreed. When they went back up there, Charlie and his two sons, started to airing up the tires, checking the brakes and freeing up them and take the Daytona out of the barn.
Here are some background information from this particular Daytona, which are really interesting. Only few Daytonas were made with bucket seats, automatic transmission and a console. This Daytona was one of these few. The first owner was the town judge and he bought it for his wife to drive. But, in 1974 he went back to the dealership and gave it to them to sell the Daytona for him. The second owner bought it when he was only 18, for 1,800 US dollars. His family was in the timber bussines, but he wanted to go to medical school to become an anesthesiologist. So he bought this Daytona, drove it to Spring Break in Panama City and hired a local painter to make this wild looking flames. The car was running until four years ago.
Right now, Charlie and his two sons are just amazed for owning this beauty. This is the first Daytona he has ever seen in public and it is not in a museum. And he is owning it. He is not sure about restoring it, or keeping it in the same condition, but it is for sure that his dreams came true.

Did You Ever Go Fishing With Your Harley Davidson ?

This is one interesting video filmed in NY. There are several guys who are riding and they go throughout NY and they pick up girls on their bikes. I believe that this is a dream of every guy and every girl. Who wouldn’t like a drive in NY on these powerful bikes. If you want to see how much fun was this check the video. At the end of the video you will clearly see how happy they are, after the amazing drive they had. I hope you will enjoy in this ride like I did!!!

1968 Dodge Charger R/T American Muscle Car!

1968 Dodge Charger RT
This is the old school 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. It was made by the German muscle car fans. Even the Europeans love the American classical muscle. No words need to be spoken on this video. Just watch and enjoy.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T – Sound – Exhaust

Fairlane is not a beauty, but she is a damn fast car!

The guy who built this car had only few requirements. The car needed to be fast and powerful. It looks like the guy succeed in his work. It is really rare to see a car like this on a drag race and probably it would get your attention if you see it. For sure, this is a treasure car full of mystique that you can’t find it anymore.
Fairlane is not a beauty, but she is a damn fast car!

The Battle of the Two McLarens: McLaren P1 GTR vs McLaren F1 GTR

McLaren F1 GTR vs McLaren P1 GTR
McLaren has a great and important history of winning when it comes to racing. Not like every other car designers, McLaren is based on their racing supercars, like F1 GTR which bring them a lot of winnings and medals. But now the new P1 GTR is presented. What do you think, which one is faster?
McLaren P1 GTR vs McLaren F1 GTR

Nobody in Sweden Cares About Burnouts, Not Even the Police!

If you do something like this in the States in the middle of the day, the police will be very quick behind your back. But in Sweden nobody shows up and it’s not like they did only one burn out, these guys made series of eleven burn outs and been there for a while. Watch how these Camaro z28 and Oldsmobile Cutlass with 500 hp are burning their tires.