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Since now, you can have Lazy Snowy Sunday

What if we tell you that you don’t have to clean your snowy driveway any more. Have your Sunday breakfast until the snow is cleaned by it self. Not actually by it self, but by the RoboPlow that cleans snow.
This robot is made by the Super Droid Robots firm in North Carolina. They built and develop this robot that would plough the snow for you while you are at your warm house relaxing.
Susan Payne from the Super Droid Robots says that first the robot was built for the NY Fire Department, but they change the usage putting a twist on it. The robot costs 8,500 US Dollars and it will be most useful if the snow is level is from 5 to 15 centimeters. Weights about 82 kilos and it has six wheels and it comes with a plough blade which is 1.3 meter in length. The robot can be controlled from your desktop PC or your tablet. It runs for two hours on two car batteries, but there is a space for more batteries for additional work. The robot can also be controlled by employing the standard remote control. You can also add a camera on it.
You can also attach yours individual ploughs adapting to your needs.
The RoboPlow in action

The 2000hp FURIOUS 7 Maximus ’68 Charger!

This amazing, custom-made Maximus ’68 Charger has been driven by Vin Diesel in the final scene of “Furious 7”. This vehicle is built by Nelson Supercars and Scot Spock Racing. It is capable to produce a 2000 HP with it hundred percent aluminum Hemi which is under the hood.
It has all kinds of unique modifications to improve and maximize its performance. There are some significant mods including the front and rear suspension that were specially designed and handmade. And if that weren’t enough, the amazing body work took 4,000 hours to complete.
The 2000hp FURIOUS 7 Maximus Charger!


1966 Pontiac GTO 632 CI Races Against 1,000 HP Mazda RX-7 with a Turbo Larger than the Engine!

1,000 HP Mazda RX-7
This is a vehicle whose turbine is much larger than its engine. Because this is a Wankel engine, It just comes with a capacity of 79 CI or 1.3 liters.
Together with the 88 mm turbine, the single-rotor motor gives an output of 1,000 horsepower. This is one of the extreme setups, with the engine that is running on M1 methanol. This racing fuel offers 99.95 minimum purity.
This Mazda, using a wheelie bar, can do the ¼ mile in 7.46 seconds at a speed of 181 MPH or 291.4 km/h. And that is not all.
Recently, the Mazda went into a battle with an epitome of a drag strip-destined muscle car. Here we are talking about the 1966 Pontiac GTO, and it uses a 10.35 liter or 632 CI V8 engine and a hefty dose of nitrous.
632-CI-1966-Pontiac-GTO-1024x568 1
Can you believe that the Mazda manages to steal the crown of the GTO? At least, the difference of the time between these two cars is just as hilarious as the difference between the engines.
Check out this amazing 1,000 HP Mazda RX 7 that has a turbo larger than the engine, in a race against 1966 Pontiac GTO

New Lazareth Ferrari V8- Powered Quad!

Simply said, a masterpiece. If you think you already have it all, think twice. After seeing this beauty, I bet you wouldn’t be able to resist it.
The new Lazareth Quad vehicle powered by Ferrari V8 is the new road miracle.
Lazareth is a French builder of these wondrous machines popularly called quads.
The Lazareth Wazuma V8F comes with two systems for fuel injection taken from Yamaha sport motorcycles and it is powered by a 250hp V8 taken from Ferrari 308.

Wazuma V8F

The Wonderful Hot Rod By Andrew Murray

hot rod
Andrew Murray really loves his amazing cars. He is completely dedicated to creating hot rods and bikes and in the following video he presents one of the best hot rods ever created. When he started this coupe he set out to hit noise and speed standards higher than before. Check out this beast in action. Please, share your opinion with us about this amazing hot rod. Enjoy watching.
The Ultimate Custom Bonneville Salt Flats' Hot Rod Build 1

This 1958 Chevy Corvette Restomod Sounds Like A Beast From The Future

1958 C1 Corvette Restomod By LMR
We recommend you to put on the headphones and turn up the volume. The crew at LMR is famous for beefing up Chevy Corvettes with serious power. This time they have worked their magic on this badass 1958 restomod. This matte black C1 looks deadly and sexy. They decided to throw it on the dyno and this beast produced amazing noises like we have never heard. Check out the video and tell us what do you think about the sound of this old classic Corvette. Enjoy watching.
LMR 1958 Corvette LS7
Car Owner: Brian Lamb
This 1958 Chevy Corvette Restomod Sounds Like A Beast From The Future

The 800HP AWD Cutlass Against The 800HP Jeep SRT-8

The 800 HP AWD Cutlass vs 800 HP Jeep SRT-8

Today we must present you this AWD Oldsmobile that is powered by a 6.6 liter F1-A Procharged LS2 that powers the AWD system and it has parts from an Olds Bravada and Trailblazer SS.  The other amazing machine has a 392i power plant and also F1-A Procharger and it delivers 800 HP too. So, they decided to put them one against another in a race. Here you can see what these monsters have under the hood, and their race too. Enjoy the race!

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2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Tears Through A Lonely City

In the following video we will see one amazing 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat how rips through one empty city. It is shredding through corners and drifting on the streets. Then it performs some donuts with a few helicopters around the car. This Challenger delivers amazing 707 horsepower. We recommend you not to try this at home, because in this video the driver is professional. Check out the video and share it!
2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat tears through a lonely city – Airlift Drift performance

The Most Badass C10 Rat Rod In The World

A car doesn’t have to look always great on the outside to be badass. Here we have one C10 Rat Rod truck that is a head turner for sure. It is generally a Chevrolet C10 pickup truck that is constructed in a very unique way. It is very slammed to the ground on a custom airbag suspension that makes this vehicle a unique appearance. This car will catch the attention of everyone there for sure. In the following video you can have a closer look at the car, and an overview, including the sound of the exhaust, the start up of the engine and few driving scenes. Enjoy!