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Listen To A Cool And Rare Detroit Diesel 1-71 Fire Up And Clatter Away – How Neat!

When we talk about Detroit Diesel engines here at BangShift, typically we’re talking about the mighty 6/8/12 and larger variants of the two stroke family that gained life in the late 1930s and powered millions of vehicles across the country for decades. Today though we’re going a different direction. You are about to see a cool and rare Detroit Diesel 1-71 engine fire up, clatter, and try to roar. Yes, this is a 71ci, one cylinder engine. We’re guessing this thing made about 20hp as we have seen 2-71 engines crank out a little more than 40. It obviously made loads of torque with it pretty significant displacement per cylinder count. Only about 1,000 of these engines were made in the late 1930s and early 1940s which makes it a real gem. Additionally, the engine you’ll see run was restored by a guy in New Zealand. He claims it is one of less than five that were ever shipped to that country.
The 1-71 engines were never used to power vehicles. Instead they were used to run generators and like this one they were basically industrial engines. This motor has a PTO and a really big pulled hooked to it. We’re not sure if this thing was used to spin a generator in some sort of divorced application or if it was used to spin pulleys to run machines, operate some manufacturing operation or what.
The fun thing here is the sound. This one does not really scream like the larger engine that you have heard but it pops and clatters pretty well. Perhaps not beastly in the same respect as a 12V92 but it rules in its own way. Every seen and heard one of these single lung engines work? Chances are pretty good that the answer is no.
Press play below to see this awesome and rare 1-71 Detroit Diesel clatter away

Mortis The 6×6 Monster Hearse | RIDICULOUS RIDES

One of the things offered up by the automotive community is really the opportunity to be different and channel your creativity. What you get your hands on a particular platform, you can shape and mend that platform in any way that you wish, taking something that might not be different than what everybody else has and transforming it into a creation that is nothing less than your very own. You can do it through a variety of different ways and this time, we get to see one method that has taken a hearse and transformed it into a machine that you have to see to believe. This thing is really unlike any other hearse that you’ve probably seen in your entire life.
Powered by a Detroit diesel engine, this old-school Cadillac is lifted up to the sky! To make things even more interesting, it has six wheels to move along on, taking the machine that was already incredibly obscure and interesting and making it functional. This doesn’t look like a ride that I would hesitate to have by my side if the zombie apocalypse were to come around tomorrow, that’s for sure. It really looks like it takes versatility to the max and that’s taking it lightly.
If you follow along down in the video below, you will be able to get a unique look at this hearse and what exactly it is that sets it apart from the pack in such a major way. After training your eyes on this one, you might even be able take a couple of design cues and apply them to a project for your very own build behind your garage door. After getting the full scoop on this one-of-a-kind ride, be sure to tell us what you think of the screaming louder hearse from the quiet little town in Idaho.

1969 Dodge Charger Looks Like Heaven Goes like Devil

Under the hood of “Big Time” was installed a 426 cc 6.1L HEMI Gen III engine with a Techco intercooled supercharger, and paired with a 5-speed 545RFE automatic transmission. By looking at the video below you could easily see that this 1969 Charger is quite unique. the 1969 Dodge Charger that looks like heaven, but goes like the devil
The body of the car is very impressive to watch: it rides on massive Forgeline wheels, 18″x9″ on the front and 19″x13″ in the rear, wrapped in BF Goodrich g-Force KDW tires (275/35ZR18 and 345/30ZR19 respectively) with a nice set of Baer13″ 6-piston brakes.full stainless steel exhaust system and few other cool features.
The engine alone costs $18,325.53!!! 4 wheels that look like Forgeline about $6,000. And the car itself in average condition (far from restored but probably running!) is about $25,000+! Not to mention paint job & interior and other small but important parts/systems such as brakes etc… Plus labor!

WOW! 1956 Chevy Bell Air With A Z06 Engine! This Thing Will Blow Your Mind Away!

A real treat video for every fan of this classic American muscle car, that has defined a whole era in the car culture in the United States, and now, as its owner has done a great job tuning it up with a new 2008 Corvette`s ZO6 engine that can produce over 650 HP, this beauty is coming in a bright new light.
I mean, let`s face it! Even if you are not one of the biggest fans of the `56 Chevy Bel Air, but you are In to all American muscle cars, you got to love this beauty! It is one of those cars that have some kind of a special allure for guys who love big and mighty machines, with state of the art aesthetics. Thus, it simply grabs your emotions and it starts pumping an adrenalin rush into your mind and body.
And this one in the video, most definitely falls in that category. Just watch those elegant moves in a bright shiny day – it would make everyone start dancing on beats of its engine rhythm.
I do not know about you, but I would love to have one of this Chevy Bel Airs in my garage.
Enjoy the video below!

1970 Plymouth Duster 340 H Code For Sale~Pwr Steering & Brakes

1970 Plymouth Duster 340 For Sale
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Aluminum Radiator
Beautiful Original Color Combo
New Bumpers
New Carpet
New Seat Covers
New Dash Panel
Original Floors
Just a Super Nice & Straight Example
(Original Motor Comes With the Car, However it Needs Freshing)

Maybach 62S Too Heavy For Tow Truck Crane – EPIC FAIL

As the operator of a tow truck, at times, things might come up that you would never think of. When these challenges arise, there’s nothing to do but try to come up with an alternative solution on the spot to get to that goal in mind. After all, if you head out to do a job and don’t come back with the vehicle in question, somebody is going to end up being pretty upset. This time, though, that solution might be to call in some reinforcements to help out in a situation like this because “Plan A” most certainly didn’t work out here, that’s for sure.
The car in question here is none other than Maybach 62S. If you know anything at all about these cars, you might also happen to understand that they are equipped with some of the most luxurious materials and equipment that money can buy. Therefore, along with all of that extra onboard equipment comes extra weight. In addition to a car that’s probably already pretty heavy, we’re sure that all of those add-on features pile on a ton of bulk to the ride. Therefore, you can see where it might provide a little bit of a challenge to a tow truck driver looking to move one.
This time, we join in with the scene as captured by somebody nearby when a tow truck driver attempts to use his onboard crane in order to pick up such a Maybach. However, as mighty as that crane might be and as hard as he is trying here, the equipment just doesn’t look to be strong enough to pick up this superheavyweight of a luxury sedan. I guess that, if you’re looking for a car that might get repossessed because you don’t make the payments, this could be the route to go, not necessarily that we’re seeing that particular situation.

Military Ship Does Huge Nose Dive in Heavy Seas

No. Just flat out no.
I’m not one to get seasick by any means, but watching this military ship doing its best submarine impression makes me have a little trouble breathing. I know these vessels were built to handle these choppy seas and this one clearly does so with no problem, but I cannot imagine what it feels like to stand on the deck, or even in the control tower and watching the nose of the ship plunge into the water. It certainly seems like it would be terrifying!
Those aboard the ship that’s cruising alongside, which appears to be an aircraft carrier, seem to enjoy watching the show as the neighboring ship plows through he huge waves, with each nosedive drawing a cheer from the crowd. Hopefully the seas calmed for these sailors and allowed them a less eventful journey!

So Much Torque It Starts An Earthquake… DAMN!

I’m not even going to lie, I’m not 100% sure what type of car this is. My gut is telling me it’s a Mopar, and I’m leaning toward a Plymouth Belvedere, but regardless of the platform, I think we can all agree that this thing is rowdy and looks like a hell of a good time. You already know when there’s a car with a huge blower bolted to the top of the engine and zoomie headers, it’s going to make for a gnarly pull on the dyno, and this monster delivers!
With the car simply idling, it has to be ridiculously loud trapped indoors with the group gathered to watch the spectacle. There’s no explaining just how loud one of these engines is until you experience it for yourself, but you can see the reactions in the crowd that it’s almost unbearable even at idle. The driver drops the car into gear and the guys in front of the car on the dyno clear out of the way, just in case things take a turn for the worse.
On the dyno operator’s cue, the driver rolls into the throttle and all hell breaks loose in the shop. The tires break loose on the rollers, and the output is so high that the screen shows and error message. The exhaust exiting the engine is so forceful that it partially rips one of the banners off the wall and knocks the dust from the lights and rafters above the car. It also causes the camera, which is mounted on the wall, the shake so violently that it is moved on its mount, proof that the torque was so great it actually shook the building.
The owner of the shop chimed in on Facebook and said that despite the error on the screen, they did get a good reading on the car. With over 1,500 horsepower on this pull, a second gear run that would show reduced output due to the gearing of the transmission, this thing was only cranking out about 1/3rd of what it should make on a pull in 3rd gear, which has a 1:1 drive ratio. No matter how you cut it, that’s a wicked machine making insane horsepower.

This is How the Dodge Charger Should’ve Been Made !

When the Dodge Charger was rereleased as a late model muscle car, many Mopar aficionados called for the risen classic to be a two door instead of sporting four.
This time, at Detroit Autorama, a builder made that dream become a reality as he converted a regular Charger into a two-door version.
Aside from some of the flashy modifications, this thing looks almost like it came straight from the factory as a coupe, just like it did back in the heyday.
Check out the video below that gives us a tour of the custom build. Do you think that Dodge should start making this car as a Coupe?