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Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Crashes into Crowd Trying to Drift, People Hold their Drinks

Notice anything strange about the Shelby GT500 in the image above? Yes, we are talking about that guy in blue, who is determined to hold on to his beer while he gets hit by the Mustang. As you’ll be able to notice in the video below, the man somehow manages to finish the encounter with the car without spilling a drop of his beverage. He must be a brewery, hero. And yes, of course we started with him. After all, he manages to do something totally unexpected, while the failure of the GT500 driver can easily be labeled under déjà vu.
The guy was trying to show off, so de decided a burnout turned drift would draw the crowd’s attention like a magnet. Instead, his Mustang was drawn towards the people attending the event in a live axle event that could have ended tragically.
The massive curb put up a nice fight, doing away with some of the Shelby’s momentum, but the loose pony still hit the crowd, splitting groups like a policeman during a demonstration gone wrong.
The amazing part about the driver’s behavior is not his lack of skill, but the failure to bring the vehicle to a halt immediately after climbing onto the sidewalk.
And yet, the bystanders are the ones who win this match. Not only did everybody escaped the incident uninjured, but more than one spectator managed to prevent his and her drink from spilling.
While the footage shows the Mustang driver taking off, the man did reportedly stop and check to see if everybody was okay. Fortunately, as we said, the only human side hurt in this incident was his ego.

Classic Corvette Burnout Gone Wrong But Ends in Epic Save!

Classic Corvette burnout gone wrong at the Tierra Verde car show on Easter weekend. Glad he saved it at the last minute.

Beautiful 1969 Camaro Fitted With Two 427 V-8 Motors Is A Z-16 And Totally Awesome

1969 Chevrolet Camaro with two 427 V8 Engines under the hood!
Can you think of popping the hood of any muscle car and seeing it with two amazing engines. That is what one auto enthusiast found at SEMA – a 1969 Chevy Camaro with two 427 engines under the hood. Behind the 427 LS7 is the identical 427 LS7. That means that the firewall is moved back a tiny bit, and each out is delivering a healthy 600 HP.
Each 427 V8 engine has a custom Collies Crankshaft, Special Grind Comp Cam, Forged JE Pistons, Custom Fluidamp Balancers, and also precision assembled with ARP bolts the rear engine has a Level VII RPM Automatic Transmissions 4L60E that is coupled to a modified Corvette Z06/C6 Rear suspension/ Differential and also controlled by a B&M Shifter.

1970 Chevrolet Nova SS Muscle Car – 350 V8 300 HP Four-Speed

I thought you’d like a look at this 1970 Chevrolet Nova, equipped with a 350c.i. 4BBL 300 H.P. (#s Match) V8, 4 Speed Manual (Muncie M21) Transmission, 12 Bolt Rear w/ 3.42 Limited Slip, P. Steering, P. Disc Brakes, Factory Tach, Bucket Seats w/ Seat Belts, Pioneer AM/FM/Cassette, Hurst Shifter, SS Badged & Equipped, Super Sport Magnum 500 Wheels w/ Redline Radial Tires, Beautiful Bright Red Exterior, Correct Style Black Vinyl Interior (Trim Code-733), Spare & Jack, Dual Exhaust, Believed to be 76,xxx Actual Miles! Absolute Wonderful Driving Classic Nova!! Thanks for watching and commenting, we appreciate it!

This Classic 1956 Ford F-100 Was Given A Modern Twist

A mashup this 1956 Ford F-100 combines some of the best of both Ford and Chevrolet to make one badass truck. Undergoing a frame-off restoration the Ford was give a custom chassis to accommodate the addition of a C6 Corvette suspension and utilize a Camaro rear differential and custom axels.
Staying true to its Ford lineage, the ’58 features a Mustang 5.0 Coyote engine and 6R80 automatic transmission giving it a modern touch. One that resonates throughout the rest of the truck’s components, which according to the listing include, “shaved turn signals and incorporated into the headlights, roll pans front and rear, rounded door corners, filled-in drip rails, Kindig-It door handles, 3″ wider rear fenders, smooth running boards, smooth tailgate, tubbed bed, power one-piece door glass and LED taillights.”
This modern twist on a classic will cross the block at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, AZ this coming January.

[Photography courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.]

This 72 Year Old Driver Performs Killer 1/4 Mile Wheelstands At The 2014 Spring Throwdown!

Richard Hutchins is a 72 year old adrenaline addict who is a true veteran when it comes to doing things as fast and as intense as possible! We get the pleasure of watching the adrenaline master at work at the 2014 Spring Throwdown in T-Town as he runs 9’s in the 1/4 mile in his fully customized Chevy Rebellion! Some may argue performing 9.90’s isn’t “that” impressive, but we would like to see you doing it on back tires when you are 70! Watch this old man kill it in the video below!

Blown 1970 Chevelle With 1,300 hp Getting Sideways On The Streets

When you have all that power under the hood, there is no way that you can take the vehicle out without beating on it at least a little bit. Talk about 1300 hp is certainly nothing to scoff at and, if you’re not careful out there, it can most certainly get away from you quite easily. With that amount of power, we would definitely recommend a driver who has had some experience with powerful cars before, otherwise, you could just be asking for trouble. If you do know what you’re doing, on the other hand, something like this can really spell out a lot of fun.
In this video, we get the chance to check out a blown 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle that boasts the aforementioned 1300 hp. As the person behind the wheel decides to take this thing out to the streets, things get just a little bit out of hand. Once that throttle is depressed, the back tires begin to spin. As you ride along, you can see the car swaying around a couple of times as the driver plants into that power and unleashes it, sending a humbling note through the air that roars incredibly as this machine puts tires to the ground and sends it.
Follow along in the video below as this little cruise doesn’t necessarily go as according to plan. While nothing bad really happened, I bet that those guys on board ended up getting quite the rush from the situation as that old-school American muscle car was all over the road. There is nothing like a good amount of power being unleashed to give you a little bit of an adrenaline rush. After following along with this cruise that appears to have ended in a car that might just be stranded out there due to some sort of issue before the camera cut off, tell us what you think of this little demonstration of brute force.

Chip Foose Reveals Eldorod First Car Ever Drawn And The Last Car Built For Boyd Coddington

If you look at the landscape of today’s car world, Chip Foose is most certainly a household name for anyone who shares in the passion. Way back in the day, as you may or may not know, Chip used to work for another famous hot rod designer in Boyd Coddington. Since then, Chip would end up leaving, ultimately end up going in the competition with Boyd but what they shared seems to be something that won’t be forgotten and is held in high regard, not diminished by their departure from each other in a business sense.
In this video, we get a look at a car that would be the first one sketched up by Foose and, ironacally enough, the last one that would ever leave the late Coddington’s garage. For years, the vision would remain incomplete but recently, Chip would take it upon himself to make the time to finish the 1948 Cadillac that has been affectionately called “Eldorod” and when you lay your eyes on this thing, like many other Foose/Coddington creations, you can really tell that this car is something special that really pops, even if it were placed amongst other high-end customs.
In the video below, Chip pulls the cover off of a car that has been years upon years. in the making and has finally come together in one package that really spells out perfection. Even past all of the hard work and effort that was invested in this car, the vehicle has so much history behind it that truly makes this machine something incredibly special. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this car in a museum one day because it’s the clashing of two of the community’s most respected builders coming together as this vision that has been brewing for years has finally come to life.

2-3 Mile Trucks Found On field Brand New

After forty years of sitting idle, this Chevrolet dealership in Pierce, Nebraska would come to see the light of day yet again thanks to VanDerBrink Auctions.
This once in a lifetime opportunity takes us inside of the dealership and shows us how it has been sitting for years, left just as it was back in the day.
Inside, we see even more surprises as we’re greeted with a selection of cars including a Chevrolet Impala, pickup truck, and Chevrolet Bel Air, all with under five miles!
Check out the video below that shows off all of these old, but brand new cars, some of which even come with the original packaging. This is an amazing sight to see. We’re kind of curious as to what happened to all of these old school rides.