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Flying Piston Launches From Under His Hood!

In this one, we catch up with a situation that’s not so clear as to exactly what’s happening. We do have a couple of concrete facts that come together to kind of paint a little bit of a picture for you but much of this scenario, we think is going to be all speculation as this car gets towed and ends up doing a pretty insane act in the process. It almost looks like these guys are out there trying to destroy this machine as they push it to the absolute limit. From the sounds of things, it would appear as if the person behind the wheel of the smoking car has the throttle pinned, trying to do their worst to make the engine erupt.
If an explosion was what they were looking for, that’s exactly what they got as, while the car was in motion and the RPM was pinned, a piston came flying from seemingly out of nowhere, dislodging itself from the engine bay and completely launching into the sky. Every once in a while, you’ll see a piston make its way outside of the engine but to have one going flying in the air like this, it’s really something that’s incredible to watch as it powers its way out of the engine bay. I’m not really sure what they were trying to accomplish here but the result was a pretty wild video to lay eyes on.
Follow along with this wild clip for yourself down below and tell us what you think of this whole situation that’s mighty confusing but has an end result that’s undeniably cool! Sure, it might not have been all that productive but, at the end of the day, how many people can say that they have managed to launch an entire piston out of an engine while a car was in motion? I would venture to say that the group is very small.

New Documentary Follows Underground Street Racers And Their Journey To The Top

Earlier this year, VICE took a crew and went underground on the streets of Toronto to get an inside look at the city’s illegal street racing scene. While these car’s aren’t quite the caliber of rides we seen on Street Outlaws, they are still racing illegally on the streets and they do it often enough that the city has invested millions in shutting them down.
One major investment made by the authorities was a helicopter mounted FLIR camera that cost nearly half a million dollars. However, in a move straight out of the “Cut ‘em off at the knees” handbook, the street racers simply took up residence around the airport in the maze of industrial roads and buildings that is off limits to the helicopter due to the air traffic. No matter where you stand on the issue of street racing, you can’t deny that was a pretty slick move by the miscreants. However, the chopper isn’t the only weapon in the police arsenal, and they’ve invested millions in shutting down the activity so they aren’t going to let something as simple as a location shift keep them from accomplishing their goal.
Of course, if you think about it, moving into the industrial area may have taken the chopper out of play, but that also gives the cops a few square miles to focus on instead of patrolling the whole city, so the racers do have to leave the relative safety of the complex to keep the cops on their toes.
The battle is ongoing and will likely continue indefinitely to be honest. Even with the authorities ramping up the punishment to some pretty insane levels to try to deter the activity, but it doesn’t seem to have done much so far. Regardless of whoever comes out on top, you can bet this cat and mouse game will continue to escalate as speeds increase for the racers and technology advances for the police in pursuit.

The 1965 Shelby GT350R Mustang Will Go Back Into Production This Fall

Do you ever look at classic cars and wonder why they don’t make them like they used to? Well, now they will: in partnership with Ford and several of the engineers that worked on the original car, Shelby has organized an extremely limited production run of brand new 1965 Shelby GT350R Mustangs. With a few select upgrades, of course.

In partnership with Ford, Shelby will continue producing the legendary pony car 52 years later. They’re being built by the Original Venice Crew that built the original cars. The gang is comprised of Shelby American employees Peter Brock, Jim Marietta, and Ted Sutton.

Brock is using this as an opportunity to make some tweaks he wanted to make the original GT350R, but wasn’t able to due to time constraints. These tweaks include Plexiglass windows, a new front air dam, and an independent rear suspension designed by Ford.

“While these changes may look subtle,” Brock told Car Scoops, “they combine with the new suspension to dramatically change the character of the car.” But don’t worry, it won’t change too much. They stuck with the stripped-down interior and cosmetics to preserve its character as a purpose-built track weapon.

Under the hood will be a 289 V-8 engine sourced from the Windsor, California-based Carroll Shelby Engine Company lashed to a period-correct Borg Warner four-speed transmission.

It’s easy to think of these new cars as restomods, but with plenty of old-school engineering and subtle yet significant upgrades, these cars better described as tastefully modified new builds of a bonafide classic.

Just like the original GT350R, production will be limited to 36 cars. According to Road & Track, the starting price is a cool $250,000 for this brand new Shelby.

This 1966 Lincoln Continental with a Shelby GT500 V-8 is an All-American Badass

The guys at Divers Street Rods in Sultan, Washington have taken two iconic Ford products separated by about 50 years and joined them together into one gorgeous creation. They took a 1966 Lincoln Continental, widely considered one of the most beautiful American sedans of all time, and stuffed a supercharged, DOHC, 32-valve, 5.8-liter Trinity V-8 under the hood. The result is simply and appropriately named “Bad Ass Lincoln.”

The Trinity engine is from the 2013-2014 Ford Shelby GT500, which is still the most powerful Mustang ever produced by Ford. In stock form, this bruiser of an engine makes 662 horsepower which is quite a bit more than the 526-horsepower Voodoo V-8 in the current Shelby GT350.


Not satisfied with just 662 horsepower, Divers Street Rods added a bigger pulley to push the engine over 700 hp. Instead of the six-speed manual found in the GT500, this Lincoln is equipped with a Ford 4R100 four-speed automatic found in Ford Super Duty trucks which links up to a Ford 9-inch rear end.

The most obvious aesthetic modification to this Continental is the stance. It turns out stance isn’t just for the import tuner crowd. Drivers Street Rods heavily modified the suspension and floor of the Lincoln to make it a bona fide low-rider sitting on massive black rims emblazoned with white Lincoln logos and wrapped skinny tires. What’s less obvious is the B-pillar delete and addition of window glass from a Continental convertible. It’s all topped off with a matte black paint job.

This Lincoln is more of a cruiser and a show car than a drag strip toy. As much as we wish it had more meat on the rear tires so it could rip burnouts like it was seemingly made to do, this blacked out American sedan is just as cool riding low and slow as it would be rocketing down the quarter mile.

Skip to 2:28 of the video below for a walkaround of the Bad Ass Lincoln.

Watch a Corvette With a Half-Mopar Engine Set a Drag Racing Record

General Motors superfans, the type that were baptized in DEXRON instead holy water, should cover their eyes and ears, because this C6 Corvette uses a Frankenstein combination of a Chevy big block and Chrysler-made Hemi cylinder heads, breathing air shoveled in from a pair of turbochargers. How on earth they discovered that a Mopar cylinder head was the best choice for their Chevrolet engine may never be known, but it isn’t the first nor will it be the last time that racers look for that extra tenth of a second by going to other carmakes for parts that more closely fit their needs.
This car competed in the Lights Out 8 event, at South Georgia Motorsports Park, which claims to be the premiere small-tire drag racing series. Competing in the Radial vs. The World class, this car set a world record for a radial tire speed trap in the eighth mile, reaching 212.36 miles per hour at the end of its 660-foot run—before breaking its own record again, later, with a measured speed of 212.69 miles per hour. The car damaged a piston in the semifinal against famous radial drag racer Stevie Jackson, and the pit crew for this Corvette managed to replace the damaged part with only minutes to spare before the cutoff time for their next race.
Oddly, the publishers of the video seem to suggest that this car closely resembles the Corvette’s appearance as it left the factory. “There is not much that gives this car away,” 1320video claims, “other than the bolted windows, wing, cowl hood and bull horns.” Even non-drag enthusiasts can spot the mismatched front and rear wheels, the passenger side dump pipe, and heavily modified front and rear quarter panels, not to mention the plethora of sponsor stickers.
Then again, what does it matter? We get to watch this car literally blow the hood off an unsuspecting Chevy Nova it races against. Remember your hood pins, kids.

This 1967 Mustang with a Corvette Powertrain Sits on a Throne of Lies


Canadian fabricator Kyle Scaife has created a monster. He did what would be considered unthinkable to many purists by mixing the genes of Ford and Chevrolet’s most iconic performance cars into one hot rod that looks like nothing else on the road.

It started with a 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda that Scaife worked on in the shop where he works. It sat on bags and had a Viper V-10 engine. It was in the shop around the time Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 came out which stars an all-wheel drive 1965 Mustang. These two custom cars inspired Scaife to do a build of his own.

He set out to look for something cool and wasn’t dead set on a Mustang. The car that ended up working for the body was a 1967 Mustang with no engine or transmission. The powertrain for the build came from an unlikely donor, a 1999 C5 Chevy Corvette with a 5.7-liter LS1 V-8 with a salvage title that Scaife picked up for just $6,000. Scaife says he’s planning on doing some modification to the stock LS1 engine at some point. He says he’s considering one or two turbochargers or just bolt-on mods.

He decided to buy a whole car rather than just an engine so it could provide other necessary parts like a transmission, wheels, suspension, etc. Had he just bought a Ford Coyote V-8 engine, it would have cost him about the same as a whole Corvette.

Scaife says he’s a fabricator, not a mechanic, so the mechanical work was more of a challenge than the body work for him. The car sits on a custom tube frame designed and built by Scaife. It was a learning experience and the end result is a unique build that appears to be exactly what he was going for.
What are your thoughts on this crossbreed?


This Plymouth Duster Rat Rod Sits on a C6 Corvette Chassis

Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, Ky. is full of unlikely engine swaps and heavily modified hot rods. One of the most interesting attendees this year was this 1973 Plymouth Duster riding on a chassis from a 2007 C6 Chevy Corvette powered by the ‘Vette’s 6.0-liter LS2 V-8. Mismatched body panels and just the right amount of wear and tear give this Duster a unique rat-rod aesthetic.
This cross-breed started out as a hand-me-down for owner Gordie Rutkowski who inherited the car from his sister. It was originally the lamest kind of Duster with a 225 ci Slant Six engine and a three-speed automatic transmission.
“That got boring after a while,” according to Rutkoski in the video below.
Understandably bored with the gutless Slant Six, Rutkowski upgraded to a 318 ci small block V-8 and added nitrous. Other upgrades he made included air shocks and Cragar wheels. In 1987, the car was taken apart for a paint job and just never got put back together, an all-too-common tale.
Rutkowski did some looking around at some possible chassis and engines to replace the powertrain of his Duster to create something a little different from your average hot rod. He decided a C6 Corvette with the Z51 package would be a good candidate for bringing his old Plymouth back to life. The Z51 adds performance upgrades to the C6, like extra cooling, stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, and wider tires. A bunch of measuring, cutting, and welding later, this beautiful rat rod was born.
It has single adjustable coil-over shocks from RideTech which Rutkowski is very happy with. He praises the car’s handling on the track and says it can keep up with modern Z06 Corvettes. Rutkowski did a fantastic job achieving the performance of a modern sports car with the character of a classic muscle car.

Speeding Corvette ZR1 Gets Completely Airborne At Intersection

With great power comes great responsibility. That is the credo that has lived on for generations and definitely can apply to a multitude of situations but in this situation, we check out about the most literal definition of that saying as possible when applied to the car world. You see, when you have a great amount of power in a vehicle that can easily peg the speedometer and send you flying out over a hundred miles an hour with ease, you also have a responsibility to pick and choose the right time to do lay into it because, if you’re irresponsible with it, you could end up hurting yourself and others.
This time, we catch up with some footage as a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 owner is caught on tape and it doesn’t look like the driver here is necessarily using all of that power in the most responsible way possible. It’s actually quite unnerving as the car rips in and out of traffic, swerving between other drivers as the drivers as it zooms down a busy street with lots of side streets which would be perfect for someone to pull out and get into a big-time accident. The icing is the cake when the ZR1 driver hits the intersection, flying into the air as the car approaches the inclined a little bit too quickly for its own good.
Somehow, some way, nothing catastrophic managed to happen here but with one move in the wrong direction, this one could’ve been deadly. It looks like whoever is behind the wheel of this high-powered Corvette really needs to take a second look at their driving habits and make sure that they refrain from all these maneuvers that look like they came straight out of the Hollywood action film. Something about this situation just feels like a bad ending is coming.

1200 HP Grand National Burnout With Street Fishtailing

These cars must be leaving an event as you’ll see a 1,200 horsepower Buick Grand National doing a burnout, two Cadillac CTS-V cars, Corvettes, and a Porsche accelerating and fishtailing on a public street. Which one of these would you roll?