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Most Insane Way to Leave a Car Meet in a Corvette

Naturally, when talking about the ways to leave a car meet, sometimes, things can get a little bit crazy. It’s somewhat ingrained in human nature to want to show off and with the massive crowds that collect at the exit to these gatherings, well, people do just that as they throw a little bit of abuse in the direction of their car or truck so that they can put on a show. Personally, after seeing all the people who lose control of their rides and end up hitting the crowd, curb, or some mix of both, we would probably recommend that you don’t try something like this but apparently for this driver, it ended up working out pretty well.
Wielding nothing other than a Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, this driver is really hell on wheels. As he decides to leave the car meet, he lays into the throttle as you can probably imagine this display would go. However, instead of ripping a simple burnout or ending it all poorly by crashing into something, this drivers really is in it to win it as he throws the Corvette all over the place, really driving it like he stole it as he expertly slides across multiple lanes of roadway and it looks like an absolute pro is behind the wheel, guiding the car almost like it’s an extra limb of his body.
If you check out the video below, you’ll be able to witness this epic car show exit for yourself. It looks, to us, like he might’ve done this once or twice before if we do say so ourselves. After checking out this epic car show departure for yourself, be sure to tell us how you think the person behind the wheel of this Corvette is handling their ride as they really pound on that long, skinny pedal.

This Kid Swapped a Hellcat Motor In a 1969 Dodge Charger!

One of the fun parts about automobiles is that you could really go in any direction that you’d like. It’s interesting to see how different people see their ideal version of different cars. This concept is especially interesting when you see those who like to take old-school machines and combine them with new school technology that has followed along the same lineage. I know it’s all up to personal preference but there are plenty of people out there who are incredibly enthralled by this old school meets new school mashup as it all takes place under the supervision of one particular chassis.
This time, the main suspect is a 1969 Dodge Charger. To many, this would be seen as one of the most iconic muscle cars that has ever existed. It’s basically the poster child for what it means to be old-school American iron. While many would argue that it’s important to preserve these vehicles and keep them as original as possible, others definitely think that whoever gets her hands on them should go all out to reach their vision, creating the ideal resto-mod look out of one of these boats of a machine. That’s exactly what this Charger owner decided that he would like to do with his Mopar.
Down in the video below, we’re taken to the scene as someone decided to mash up this old school American muscle car with a little bit of new school boosted American muscle, taking the guts straight out of a Hellcat and stuffing them inside the engine bay of this old Charger. After you get the chance to watch the car rip a pretty crazy burnout in the video below, be sure to tell us what you think of exactly how this old school machine goes to work. I know that there are a pretty good amount of Speed Society fans out there who would probably want to go for a little cruise this thing, that’s for sure.

Smooth Talking Cadillac Salesman Gets in Over his Head, Wrecks new CTS-V

Okay, I have to admit that if I were selling a car like the third generation supercharged Cadillac CTS-V, there might be times where I simply couldn’t help myself from laying into the throttle and showing potential customers just exactly what this beast of a machine is capable of when you get yourself a nice stretch of road. It’s not exactly easy to keep your foot out of the impatiently waiting 640hp under the hood!
This time, that’s exactly what this smooth talking salesman does as he’s spilling out his sales pitch and trying to impress potential buyers, when all of a sudden, it all comes unraveled and that layer of cool immediately gets stripped back in a situation where this guy simply got in over his head.
With all of that power, there’s most certainly a learning curve that goes along with figuring out how to handle it and even though this guy practically drives around cars as a big part of making his living, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that he can handle all of the power under the hood of the brand’s supercharged flagship performance sedan.
Check out the video below as a blind corner sneaks up on the salesman and he ends up putting the car right into a trolley. I’m sure this isn’t how he’s expected his day to end up going when somebody asked to test drive the new V. I wonder how the following situation went when he had to explain this one to his boss.

MECUM SOLD $3.5 Million – 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

Mecum Auto Auction is one of the coolest companies in the automotive industries. The auction house is the home to some of the most ridiculous transactions to ever take place in the community, and their amazingly cool, iconic headquarters is the perfect backdrop for these big sales to take place. This car in particular ranks among the highest sale prices of any car to ever roll across an auction block, and when you hear the info about this classic Detroit muscle car, you’ll understand why.
All the way back in 1971, Plymouth rolled out the Hemi Cuda, a car that would, quite literally, change the automotive landscape. It’s combination of timeless styling and insane Hemi horsepower was quite possibly the pinnacle of the horsepower wars of the late 60’s and early 70’s. There weren’t many of these cars built though, and there were only two built in this particular configuration, one of which no longer remains in existence.
That makes this numbers-matching drop four speed top exactly one of one known to exist, and that’s why the bidding for this car went through the roof as soon as the auction began, hitting $400,000 within seconds and clearing $2.5 million in less than a minute. The bidding stalled a bit around there, but picked back up and climbed steadily over the next few minutes as the auctioneer scrambled to get the numbers up.
The car’s owner held the power to keep the car in his possession by not removing the reserve price, which he had set firmly at $3.5 million. Once that number was reached, the reserve came off and the auction ended a few moments later at that number.

If you watch this video and your heard doesn’t race just a little, you’re not really a car guy! This is great stuff that’s a ton of fun to watch!

Cedar Hedge Stump Removal – The easy way!

Working smarter instead of working harder is definitely a good way to live your life. There’s definitely merit behind a hard day’s work and a lot of satisfaction that can be drawn from such experience, however, I don’t think there’s anybody with half a brain who would turn down the chance to get the same amount of work done in half the time and with have the effort. If you have the proper tools for the job to make it go by as quick as possible but instead decide to elect to do the harder, longer method instead, with the same result, well, maybe you should take a look in the mirror and question a couple of things.
In this one, we get a pretty unique look at how exactly one can go about removing stumps the easy way. Some will tell you to start digging and others might use the brute force of a truck and chain combo, but with a method like this, it looks like you not only get the muscle that you need to get the job done but also have a nice and controlled situation so that nothing goes flying and you don’t pull too hard as to knock over other features that you want to keep intact like the cinderblock wall pictured here that I’m sure this individual would rather keep standing.
If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be treated to a unique way to do a little bit of landscaping thanks to an engine hoist that can be strapped around the roots of your choosing and used to pull them out with a couple of pumps. A little bit of hydraulic help never hurt anybody and it looks like this engine hoist is really getting a well-rounded use if we do say so ourselves.

Street Legal 502 Big Block Chevelle Rips Dyno Apart!

The dynamometer or as we all call it the dyno has been around for a while now and has become a great tool in order to tune the engine in order to have it running at peak power and also to measure up how much power an engine is producing in the current setup.
Before the dyno enthusiasts could never know how much power the engines produced and it was mostly guessed by the cars performance.
Nowadays they are so easy to get to that almost everybody that builds his own car or modifies it, frequently visit them in order to fine tune their ride.
This time it is time for a 502 Big-Block Chevelle to get on the machine and show what it can do to its owner and the dyno crew, and it sure sounds nice doing it.
If it was up to us we could sit there for hours and hear and see beautiful sounding V-8 engines at top chant while straining to push out all the power they have.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle 502 Big-Block Four Speed!

This one is the classic of classics, a 1970 Chevy Chavelle SS 502 Big-block, connected to a Muncie four-speed gearbox, a 12 bolt rear with 3.42 Posi gears. The paint is called Cortez Silver with SS stripes and badges. Standing on aftermarket aluminum rims with modern Hankook tires, this car looks as fast even standing still. To make the brakes match the performance of the engine they’ve fitted it with a set of drilled and slotted rotors in the front. The heat factor is controlled by an aluminum radiator and air conditioning.
Check out how this car straight oozes power and class with the chrome abundance in the video below.

Mom’s Reaction to 1250WHP Twin Turbo Gallardo

In this one, Robert Himler decided to mount up a hidden GoPro camera and take his mom for a spin in his 1250WHP Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo built by Underground Racing.
Her reaction was pretty priceless just as we would expect from someone who probably hasn’t spent much time in high horsepower racecars.
Check out the video below as Robert’s mother freaks out when he hops on the accelerator of the bull. Rob admits to “almost feeling bad posting this,” but we think mom will forgive him!

Ride In-Car with Dean Marinis in his 588CI Big Block Single Stage of Nos Mustang!

“Mean” Dean Marinis clearly earned his nickname for his on-track persona, because you’ll never meet a nicer guy off the track. However, when Marinis straps on his helmet and fires up his gorgeous orange X275 Mustang, the guy in the other lane knows he better bring his A game. Unfortunately for them, their A game often still comes up short of the numbers laid down by Mean Dean.
TheRacingVids caught up with Marinis at Duck X Productions’ Lights Out 9 and installed a GoPro inside the car with him to catch a few passes from the driver’s point of view. You can see, despite being one of the winningest cars in X275 history, Marinis’ car maintains much of the stock interior, which makes the car’s insane performance all the more impressive.
The first pass in the video gives us a great look at what happens when Marinis gets a little too aggressive with the nitrous and the car drives into a power wheelstand on the super-sticky South Georgia Motorsports Park surface. Instead of panicking like many, Dean keeps his cool, pedals the throttle once to bring the nose back down, and then jumps back on the gas to keep the car from slamming back to earth too hard, and rides on out the back door like it’s nothing. That kind of quick thinking comes only from experience, and with countless passes under his belt, Marinis certainly has plenty of that.
The car stays earthbound for the rest of the passes in this clip, and puts up some stellar numbers, including a pair of passes deep in the 4.40 range, showing not only that the car is brutally quick but consistent as well, which is why Marinis is one of the most feared competitors in the class.
Hit that play button below and watch him go to work wheeling one of the most badass cars around!