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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle For Sale

Vin: 138177B179738
This 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle right here is a Kentucky car. Previously owned for about 5 years until they were ready to pass this dream on to the next lucky owner. Everything on the inside is brand new and sparkling. Original motor was a 396 but has since been upgraded to a 454ci V8 big block connected to a 4- speed manual Muncie transmission and is a real 138 car. Previous owner had only put about 4,000 miles on this beauty. The original car was gold, but about 6-7 years ago this poppin red paint and was laid on this body smooth as could be! This Chevelle looks and drives beautifully with its power steering. Looking from the ground the under carriage on this Chevelle is in great condition with all new restored toe boards.

454 V8
4 Speed Manual





1958 Chevrolet Corvette Custom in Ruby Paint & Engine Sound

We’re looking at a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Custom in Ruby Paint. The car has the 383 CI “Stroker” engine.
The car’s Owner is Jim Stewart. Jim’s had the car since 1983. He said the car was recently restored and completed so it’s on the show circuit. After the shows are complete, he’ll drive the car again.
Looks like a nice ride.

Coyote Powered 900HP AC Cobra Is A Sight For Sore Eyes!

Are you tired of watching beat up cars with tons of power, and want to see something a bit more stylish for a change? Well, if that’s the case, sit back comfortably, because we have one berserk racer in store for you today.
We are talking about this drop-dead gorgeous AC Cobra! The one you’re about to check out is a replica, but a fine one at that. With all the styling in the world, this beauty doesn’t even have to be terribly fast to impress most casual automotive enthusiasts, but underneath the hood we find one wicked engine setup as well.
Proving that this ride isn’t for show only is the job of one massive Coyote engine! This bad boy is helped by a Whipple Supercharger and some Nitrous, which results in about 900 horsepower overall!
With a vehicle that weighs only about 2,400 lbs, traction isn’t easy to find, but once this monster hooks up, it displays true otherworldly potential. To check out this unique racer in action, click on the video below and enjoy the show!

Treasure Trove of 36 Classic Corvettes Discovered in a Garage After 25 Years!

A rare collection of 36 classic Corvettes were discovered in an underground garage in New York City. The muscle cars were won in a contest organized by music channel VH1 and later sold to German graphic artist Peter Max who wanted to incorporate the Vettes in his vibrant pop art works. Clearly, Max never got around to it and the Vettes simply sat in the garage and collected dust for more than 25 years.The collection consists of every Corvette model released between 1953 and 1989. Max reportedly purchased the whole collection from Dennis Amodeo, a capenter from Long Island, who won the cars during the VH1 Corvette giveaway in 1989. The exchange of the exotic collection eventually resulted in Amodeo pocketing $250,000 in cash. He also walked away with $250,000 worth of Max’s artwork and an agreement stating that if Max decided to sell the collection in the future, Amodeo would receive up to $1 million.Max ultimately sold the vintage collection to Adam Heller and others from his family. The most precious car in the collection is a 1953 Corvette – one of only 300 ever built. Experts said the thick dust that accumulated on the Vettes protected the paintwork. Some of the cars were expected to take only two weeks to restore, while others could take more than a year.

When You Leave A Car Show… Do This!

If you are a part of Hotrod show and if you know you got a car that you can confidently brag about, then if you are about to leave, make sure you leave the badass way much like what these hot rods and muscle cars did after leaving a Car show.
These aggressive and badass looking cars are leaving the show with such great noise and impressive acceleration.
You can see a bunch of blown cars, a stunning red Yenko Nova, Cobra R and a bunch of muscle cars and hot rods.
Check them all in action below.

Defiant Drive: Taking a Spin, Almost Literally, in Prestone’s 1036-HP, Hellcat-Powered ’72 AMC Javelin AMX

You’ve more than likely heard of these guys, the Ringbrothers. The Wisconsin-based duo, long known for their stunning restomod creations, have debuted their latest at SEMA in Las Vegas, the 1,000-hp Prestone 1972 AMC Javelin AMX, which has been dubbed “Defiant!” Conceived only a year ago, Prestone, the company that makes various car products, figured something like this just had to be done and, fortunately, the Ringbrothers themselves had been eyeing an old Javelin right in their hometown.
In fact, they’ve known about its existence for over 40 years. Once they got their hands on it, the duo extended its wheelbase by moving the wheels forward by six and a half inches. Its wheel arches were also moved forward and recreated with carbon fiber. A new carbon fiber hood was also added, along with front fenders, grille and front valance. The taillights, bumpers, trim and engine bay accessories are also all custom, machined out of aluminum blocks. And then there’s its engine, the 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8. Although it already comes stock with 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, the brothers added a Whipple 4.5-liter Supercharger that contributes to a combined total of 1,036 hp.
Power is directed to the rear wheels via a Bowler automatic transmission. A carbon fiber driveshaft was also utilized. To give it the appropriate bark, there’s a custom stainless steel exhaust, while the interior has been decked out with a Kicker sound system, retro gauges, and custom seats. At each of the four corners are 20-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin tires. And because of that ridiculous amount of power, a set of six-piston Baer brakes were installed. The exterior paint is called “Jalop Gold.” Nice. No details on whether this thing is for sale or not, but the Ringbrothers always do personalized projects for customers who are more than happy to fork over serious cash for their dream muscle machines.

It Was Her First Time Seeing a Funny Car Go Down the Track – PRICELESS

If you’ve never witnessed a funny car up close and personal, then it’s hard to explain what the sensation is like. It’s truly unlike any you’ll ever experience.
With a combination of the smell of race gas, the thunderous sound of the engine and the feeling of the vibrations reverberating through her body, this girl had quite the reaction.
We can’t help but giggle a bit as the cars take off and this poor girl nearly jumps out of her skin in reaction to the unfamiliar sensation.
Check out the video below as someone that she was with was keen enough to whip out their cell phone and get the whole thing on video!

The Hoard of Rusting Muscle Cars in North Carolina

Looking for that rare barn find for your next project can be hard especially if you do not know where to start your search. Interestingly, North Carolina seems to be one of the great places to include in your search. And here’s one video showing a hoard of muscle cars in one of the backroads in NC every car guy will sure feast on.
A thing to get excited is that some of the muscle cars in this collection are truly rare. A few of them need some serious work like those with floor pans and panels all rusted out from sitting in the fields for decades. But, there are some that need not much work too especially those staying in the lean-to.
Wanna know what muscle cars are in this hoard? Starting from those sitting in the lean-to include a ’67 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback, 30’s Chrysler, ’64 Pontiac GTO, ’69 Ford Mustang GT, ’72 Dodge Challenger and ’71 Ford Boss 351. For those lying in the fields, there’s a bunch of them. You’ll see a Mach 1 and Boss 351 Mustang, ’70 Challenger, ’70 Barracudas, ’71 Challenger R/T with the very rare wide hood molding plus several other varieties of cars you need to check out for yourself. Here’s the bad news though, as many as they may be, they are all not for sale 🙁 Well, a definite heartache to watch for car guys – classic cars sitting, rusting and waiting for the promise of restoration from their owner.

1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee 472 Hemi Mopar Muscle Car

I thought you’d like a look at this 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee. It’s packing a massive 472 Hemi under the hood that’s backed by a four-speed manual trans. The car looks great all the way around. Hope you find it interesting.