Porsche Going 186MPH Get Blasted By a Subaru… Is This Real?

If you are out there on the highway, ripping around all by your lonesome, it’s probably pretty easy to think that you are the best thing since sliced bread but when you throw another car into the mix that’s just a little bit more badass, that little ego thing that you had going quickly dissolves into nothing.

In this clip, we catch up with a Porsche owner who was probably on top of the world when his car was moving down the road at 300 kmh as displayed on his gauges. Here in the states, that would equate to right around 186 mph but apparently, that wasn’t enough to blast past all the other motorists out there traveling the open road.

Even at such massive speeds, the owner of this Porsche was in for quite the surprise when a Subaru owner came bearing down on him and ran past the Porsche almost like it was standing still. This almost doesn’t even really seem like a real-life scenario because that Subaru has to be doing every bit of 200 mph to pass by the quick rolling Porsche like that!

The entire thing was filmed and can be experienced down in the video below so be sure to check out the scenario for yourself and offer up your opinion on what exactly your take is on this insane event that might just leave you speechless after you lay eyes on it.