Pro Mod US Army Truck Blows Off Doors In Insane Drag Race vs Plan B Vette!









We have all heard the phrase “blow your doors off” meaning of that you got beat so bad by whoever was in the next lane that your doors flew right off of your ride. While most of the time, it’s just someone trying to be high on themselves or throw a smart comment at a friend, this time, the phrase becomes a reality. We watch as NXGonzo is on the scene when the Plan B Chevrolet Corvette and a US Army Pro Mod Truck go head to head and the truck’s door literally gets ripped off! It doesn’t look like anyone was on the other end of the soaring projectile, thankfully, because that one could’ve done some major damage if it came down in the wrong spot!

Take a look at this insane drag Pro Mod US Army Truck vs Plan B Vette!