Pure Sound: 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS w/ Dual Mode Exhaust


YouTube is a great way of finding out what`s new in the car industry. We have featured many people, and Saabkyle04 is one of them and as a matter of fact we have featured him more than once and the reason is very simple- he does very informative and comprehensive videos.
His latest video is about 2016 Camaro SS. This incredible car is given in blue and its beauty will leave you speechless. But it isn`t just the outside look that took our breath away; it is the sound that comes out of the dual-mode exhaust. It is a sound that will make you feel butterflies inside your stomach.
Well another important thing we should mention is that Saabkyle04 goes through all modes of the car and when he goes to track mode that is when you can really feel the exhaust coming to life.

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