Roman Atwoods GT-R Destroyed By Sleeper Truck!

Atwood took to the drag strip and lined up along side an S10 that likely cost 1/4 of the price of his GTR and got absolutely wrecked through the 1/8th mile. This S10 sounds like a fairly typical nitrous small block with a powerglide and plenty of traction, which is a tried-and-true setup for laying down some killer times on the track on a budget. The S10 chassis works well with a lot of power and traction, as long as you swap out the 10 bolt rear end for a 12 bolt or Ford 9 inch unit. You may also want to add some bars to stiffen the chassis a bit, something like a simple roll cage will help a lot with the flex while also providing some added safety for the driver.

Atwood takes his spanking like a pro, laughing all along as he knew what was coming. It’s great to see these YouTubers out having a good time and showing their losses and not just their wins. Hopefully the guy with the S10 gets a little love for his big win and maybe taking this L will prompt Mr. Atwood to step up his game a bit.