Santa Leaves His Reindeer For A Ferrari-Powered Sleigh, Does Burnouts

Santa is a popular guy during this time of the year, and the season to be jolly could not miss a fair portion of burnouts. Because Santa’s signature vehicle does not have wheels, and it surely cannot do burnouts, old Saint Nick needed some help. Fortunately, many people are happy to lend a hand to a character that has done so many good deeds over the years, so Ryan Tuerck stepped in with his ride.

The pro drifter is the owner of the world’s first Ferrari-powered Toyota. We are talking about a GT86 that has been modified for drifting, and that has also received a Ferrari 458 engine in the process. You know the age-old saying – “there’s no replacement for displacement,” which makes sense as soon as you hear about this engine swap.
Tuerck’s video of him helping Santa spread the holiday cheer with tire smoke would not have been complete without any decorations, which is why the GT4586 received a proper lighting setup. He fitted Christmas tree lights on a Ferrari engine, which happens to be installed in a Toyota GT86 drift car.

This video might be a petrolhead’s favorite Christmas clip this year, but it missed that title by a few more minutes of action. Fortunately, the same vehicle has been doing donuts around a Ferrari 458, so you can see more of it in the clip that was made right after the engine swap was completed.

We must note that its is not Ryan Tuerck’s first video that happens around a popular holiday, which is an aspect we appreciate about the pro driver. Hopefully, he will be encouraged to continue this activity with more uploads, along with the typical portion of drift videos.

Ryan Tuerck was 2008 Formula D Driver of the Year, and is known on the Internet for his show, Tuerck’d. The latter focuses on drifting with other professionals of this tire-killing sport.