Showing Off Gone Wrong… Corvette Loses Exhaust In Front Of Everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not usually one to judge based on somebody choosing mods for their ride just because I wouldn’t choose them myself. Expression and creativity drive this industry and give us all something new to look at every day. There are just a few things that I feel should be universal “don’ts”, and putting vertical doors on any car that didn’t come with them from the factory has always been one of those things for me.
Thankfully, there’s a little bit of car god karma that kicks in as the guy in the Lambo door-vette revs his car for the crowd and cameras. The whole rear section of his exhaust falls off, with the quad polished tips falling clumsily to the concrete as he continues to rev. The tips are basically cosmetic, providing little more than an exit for the exhaust after it leaves the mufflers, so the car doesn’t really sound any different, but boy does it look funny.
Luckily for the driver, the tips simply fall to the ground instead of being blown out across the ground and making spectacle of the already-embarrassing situation. I’m sure I’ll catch some hate for my hating, but you can’t tell me those tips didn’t look funny pointed down at the ground like that?