Spoiler Alert: Ford Police Interceptor Utility gets stealthy new lights


The trick with unmarked police cars is keeping them, well, unmarked. Lights can be as big a giveaway as a push bar or department decals and logos. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view), they’re also a lot easier to disguise, if you’re clever.

Ford already proved its commitment to stealthy cop cars earlier this year when it showed the new “no profile” light option for the Explorer-based Police Interceptor Utility. Hiding a pair of light strips between the windshield and headliner meant that Ford could do away with the distinctive roof-mounted light bar. The Blue Oval’s newly announced Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights attempt to do the same thing to the Utility’s tail.

But while the “no profile” lights from earlier this year are there exclusively to make cops harder to spot, it’s the opposite with the new spoiler-mounted option. For a start, Ford mounted the lights outside the vehicle – there’s no tinted glass to get in the way, like the Utility’s traditional rear setup – so they can shine at max brightness to alert other drivers that the cop has a victim. The mounting location also guarantees unobstructed rear visibility. And as is usually the case with rear lights in police vehicles, directional amber lights join the traditional red and blue color options.

The new option is available from the factory on all 2017 Police Interceptor Utility models.