Storm dumps 52 freshly auctioned cars into the ocean and there was NO insurance!


Although ocean freight is one of the safest methods in the world, things can and still do go wrong, case in point this video.

A total of 64 cars were aboard cargo ship Astongate which was travelling from the port of Toyama in Japan to Vladivostok in Russia.

Unprepared for the rough seas, 52 of the cars were dumped into the ocean and are now spending the rest of their lives at the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, the buyer of the cars also signed a document allowing the cargo to be transported on ship’s deck at their own peril, basically meaning the cars were completely uninsured. Unlucky!

Check out the video below of the carnage. It shows the results of the storm taking out all of these automobiles.

This is going to be one incredibly disastrous event for whoever bought those cars to recover from!

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