Stretched Chevy S10 Truck Has a Twin-Turbo Big Block in Its Bed, 9s Quarter Mile

The Chevrolet S10 Frankenstein in the video below is a bit like an answer to a question nobody asked – what happens when you mix a pickup truck with a mid-engined layout?

Did we mention there’s a bit of an elongation flavor to this project? But enough with the questions, it’s time to elaborate on the answers. The stretched bed of this S10 can be raised like a hood, fully revealing the arsenal behind the cab.

We are talking about a 580ci Chevy Big Block, which works with a pair of 76mm turbos. This truck lost its stock mind back in 2013, with its owners constantly working on the machine ever since.

You’d better hold on to your blue collar when this thing has its way with the drag strip, as the truck can pull 9s runs. Once again, the goal was set higher, with its owners making efforts to bring the machine into the 8s range.

While it might sound strange, the mid-engined choice was the simpler one
As for the actual reason for which the bed of the S10 is now a small garage, the solution was chosen as this was the simplest way. Sure, it might seem extremely complicated to come up with such a build, but we have to admit fitting all those mechanical goodies up front would’ve been an even more complex task.

This is a family affair and while the son handles the driving, the father leads the build process, with both enjoying their time at the drag strip.

Sure, this might not be the fastest S10 out there and the same can be said about its appearance. But we have to tip our helmets to such projects, which stray so far from the beaten path, bringing the drag strip stunt to a whole new level.