Tesla Model S P100D Drag Races Dodge Challenger Hellcat with Smoking Surprise

With the Tesla Model S P100D having now reached many owners’ garages, we’ve seen enough drag races involving the EV to know that it can beat quite a lot of supercars or muscle cars. However, we’re here to show you a drag strip adventure involving a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that didn’t let the electric sedan get away that easily. Many of you might expect this stunt to feature a tuned Hellcat. You know, the usual pulley upgrade, exhaust and intake, which can bring the game to around 900 ponies. Well, this isn’t the case here – judging by the trap speed recorded by the Mopar machine, we’re dealing with a stock incarnation of the vehicle. However, the Challenger did feature drag radials. And while the driver turned to the mandatory burnout before the race, nothing can prepare you for the way in which the Dodge managed to hook up. Sure, the muscle car’s driver did display superb reaction time, but the way in which the Hellcat… exploded off the line deserves a round of applause. As for the Tesla Model S we have here, you’ll get to see the P100D using its Ludicrous mode to fight the muscle car. Before reaching for the “play” button below, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind and it all has to to with the two important camps of the drag racing world. The first follows the numbers displayed at the strip – since each car has its own measurements, the reaction time isn’t important here. Then there are the folks who fully rely on what their eyes tell them, considering that the car which gets ahead should be considered the winner.

Regardless of the camp you belong to, remember to turn up the volume before watching the clip below – that supercharged burnout is totally worth it.