The Amazing 3D Water Printing For Your Wheels!

If you still think that air brushing your wheels or spoilers is the perfect way to go, think again. A brand new way of painting and getting the perfect detailed design you wished for – water transfer printing. Hydrographics is the process or method used for transferring a pattern or an image onto a 3D surface.

With the constantly developing and evolving technology now you can get a print or paint job done to even the oddest shaped objects. The genius idea here is that the process is done by water. Simply put, you can just dip the object into the vat of water previously prepared for this kind of print and the job is done. Of course, some things are mandatory in the process such as a top coat on the object to be painted on and a solving agent into the vat filled with water. And most of all, you need a professional to make all of this look amazing and perfect.
The traditional printing way met a lot of obstacles when it came to printing a 3D object simply because it didn’t cover the whole surface, especially when it came to printing some object which has an unusual shape. Well, that problem is no longer with the hydrographic process of printing.

Watch the video and be amazed.