The Dukes of Hazzard’s Dodge Charger ‘The General Lee’ against Starsky and Hutch’s Ford Gran Torino! A Race Between Two TV Car Icons!


The younger among us grew up with the movies from the Fast and Furious franchise! After all, a lot of people always have loved and always will love cars! What the younger generation doesn`t know though is the fact that over 30 years ago, there were TV series that were just as popular as Fast and Furious movies!

We are talking about the famous Starsky & Hutch and The Dukes of Hazzard! These TV series were the favorite to many gearheads! If you are one of those people who remembers these series, than you are in for a treat! The video we are sharing with you guys today is a showdown between the General Lee Dodge Charger and the stripped tomato Ford Gran Torino! Seeing these two cars again must bring back a lot of fond memories to those who know them!

On one hand, we have the 1969 General Lee Dodge Charger RT. This beauty had orange color, and the Confederate battle flag painted on its roof! The name of the car is a reference to General Robert E. Lee, who was a participant in the American Civil War. Both doors of the Dodge Charger were welded shut because it was built as a race car. On the other hand, we have David Starsky`s 1974 Ford Gran Torino.

It is a little known fact but the stripped tomato two-door Ford Gran Torino actually appeared in the first ever episode of The Dukes of Hazzard! However, these two have never been raced! That is all about to change in this video! Both the General Lee Dodge Charger and Starsky`s Ford Gran Torino were put to the test by the team of Fifth Gear! Who do you think won the duel? You will have to watch to video to find out! Enjoy!

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