The Tesla Model X Finally Races A Challenger Hellcat…And Wins


When the Tesla Model X hit the market back in 2015, any curiosity about the EV with odd doors was soon dispelled with countless examples of its Autopilot in action and its Ludicrous mode stamping out all hope of dominance for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. However, we had yet to see a solid review of the car, one that highlights its qualities in a way that captivates us for more than just a few minutes. Thankfully, those sorts of car reviews are what Top Gear is good at.
Given the absence of the previous three presenters, Rory Reid takes over and produces what is likely the best eight-minute argument for the Model X.
All it takes is a drive around New York, a visit to one of the supercharger network’s many stations, and a spooky demonstration on behalf of the Autopilot system. Of course, Reid makes a few other stops because after all, you need to place the Model X in multiple extreme scenarios to really see how all of its systems fair out in the wild. To prove its worth, Reid activates the Biohazard Defense mode, filtering the cabin air with a weapons grade HEPA filter to allow for surgery to take place in the back. Then, he makes his way to a drag strip to let the Model X race a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, much to the dismay of the gearheads in attendance.