That Time Big Chief and the Gang Went to the U.S Nationals

Right around one year ago, Street Outlaws host and racemaster Big Chief had the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream when he went pro mod racing with the NHRA at the US Nationals in Indianapolis.
The race represented a shift in dynamic between the cast of the show and the NHRA, the largest motorsports sanctioning body in the world. Early on in the show’s run, the NHRA had sent letters to several of its members letting them know they would lose their completion privileges if they appeared on the show with their NHRA completion numbers visible during filming. The NHRA has always taken a stance against street racing, so despite the show taking place on a closed set with an ambulance and firetruck on hand, the Association wanted no part of it.
However, after sitting down and discussing things, the NHRA was able to reach an agreement with the producers and cast of the show to back off their stance and instead embrace the show and its massive audience to try to bridge the gap between street racing and the sanctioning body itself. As a part of this compromise, the NHRA opened its doors to Big Chief and his pro mod-style Firebird known as the Crowmod, and thus began the thrash you’ll see below.
With only a few days until the biggest race of the season, Chief and company had a lot of work and very little time to do it. However, those of you who follow Chief outside what you see on TV know, he did in fact make it to Indy and had a pretty solid showing despite being outgunned in every way except fan count. He wasn’t able to qualify for the Pro Mod field, but he did lay down some impressive numbers and also became the fastest Pontiac-powered doorslammer on the planet in the process. Hit that play button down below and watch this hilarious clip of Chief and the guys getting the car ready for The Big Go!