This Tire Mounting Explosion Compilation WIll Make You Think Twice About Using Fire to Mount Tires

If you grow up around a mechanically inclined household, you most certainly learn more than your fair share of tricks of the trade that could be used to get jobs done in a hurry or with the basic tools that you have available to you at the time. One of the tricks that you may have learned is using some sort of combustible spray to use the quick travel of air to set a bead of a tire on a wheel.

Now, normally, we would recommend using a tire machine but, for this group of people, they either learned how to do this one at home or found it online and simply chose to ignore that “do not try this at home” label that usually is tied closely with this kind of display.

In the compilation of clips down below, we’re able to see a wide variety of people using an explosion to try and get their tires mounted. It might not be perfect, but for some of these folks, it does seem to work out quite well and others, well, they don’t have as much luck.

If you check out the video below, you can see a whole variety of the situations surrounding the small trick unfolding for better or for worse. Do you have any wild stories about trying to use combustion to get a tire mounted up in a snap and failing?