Truck vs Truck Action at the Drag Strip!

In the world of racing, obviously, the most common thing that you will come across are vehicles that are built on some sort of car’s chassis, however, if you really want to spice things up, sometimes, you’ll see that folks will throw a truck in here and there to make the racing a little bit more interesting, introducing different twists on the original formula that can show exactly what happens when you take the game plan and rewrite it a little bit to make matchups like this happen. When they’re done right, these trucks can definitely be spectacular to watch and can also compete with some of the stronger competitors out there without even blinking an eye or breaking a sweat.
Obviously, operating in a pickup truck isn’t as popular on the drag strip but among this less common phenomenon out there, there are definitely some trucks that really pack a punch so much that we might even call them our favorites. Among this group of trucks, we have those full-size candidates and minitrucks alike. This time, we check out a member of the latter as one of the more consistent vehicles to hit the track with a bed on board just so happens the be the machine known as the Luv, an appropriately titled mini truck that is built off of the platform of the Chevy Luv.
If you follow along with the video below, you get to take a good look at this machine as it goes head-to-head in a NXGonzo video with another mini pickup truck that takes the form of the Chevrolet S10 that goes by the name of “More Money.” It seems like both of these trucks have their stuff together and wield drivers who really know what they’re doing behind the wheel. Long story short, you should keep your eyes peeled because this is going to be a good one!