Tuned 2015 Mustang GT Humiliates Tuned 2015 Hellcat As Challenger Can’t Hook Up

We wonder what life must be like for Hellcat owners who wake up one morning, look at their Mopar machine, and feel it needs an extra trip to the gym. Most of the Hellcat drivers who turn to the aftermarket world enjoy drag racing adventures, but that extra muscle will only make the already-difficult launch even more of a hassle.
Case in point, the Challenger Hellcat in the clip below. The Dodge engages in a fight with a 2015 Ford Mustang GT. And while we know both muscle cars feature bolt on mods, we don’t know the exact pieces of hardware used by the vehicles.
Given the extra work under the hood, both machines come with slicks, but this doesn’t appear to help the blown 6.2-liter Dodge too much. Truth be told, we also suspect the driver of the Hellcat has heavy foot issues, but perhaps the man is learning to adapt to his ride.
The two pumped-up muscle cars battle it out on multiple occasions, but the results are the same. The Mustang driver, who seems to be on top of his game, managed to grab the start. In fact, the ‘Stang gets a hefty lead and while the Challenger does eventually start to catch up, the process takes quite some time. For instance, the gap between the two velocity demons was enough to make us come up with the title above.
Given the multiple races the Mustang and the Challenger engage in, the crew who set up the adventure had the time to place cameras on both cars. And boy, oh boy are we grateful for the one strapped to the Hellcat.
With the custom engine bits, the supercharged HEMI delivers a visceral scream, one that might be enough to make headphone user warnings less than a cliche.