Watch A 4,000-HP Drag Car Take Off Like A Plane In Spectacular Crash

You’ve seen a monster truck perform a front flip. Now get ready to witness a drag car attempt a similar display of auto aerobatics. In the world of Funny Cars, the combination of obscene power and a lack of downforce means it’s not uncommon to see these ludicrous drag cars perform crowd-pleasing wheelies down the strip. But if the nose climbs too high and enough air gets under the bodywork, the dragsters tend to take off and flip over – just as driver Daniel Pharris found out at last week’s Radial Revenge Tour at Tulsa Raceway Park.
Pharris was racing his 4,000-horsepower Corvette C7, a car capable of accelerating from 0-200 mph in around four seconds. At one point, his competitor Keith Haney suddenly found himself fighting for control when the nose of his Camaro began to lift. This gave Pharris a momentary lead, but he soon found himself in the same predicament.