Watch this Hellcat-boosted AMC Javelin impress Jay Leno

Remember the Ringbrothers’ stunning AMC Javelin that made big waves at last year’s SEMA show? Yes? No? Well, it doesn’t even matter, because it paid Jay Leno a visit and shed down all its secrets.
Formerly a 1972 AMC Javelin AMX, The Defiant – as Mike and Jim Ring baptized it – looked elsewhere for a power boost so it ended up with a 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 that has a 4.5-liter Whipple supercharger attached to it. As a result, it now packs 1,100 hp, according to its makers.
So, why a Hellcat engine? As the Ringbrothers explain, this solution was the only one that balanced reliability and the desired amount of horsepower. On the esthetic front, all the body panels were machined, including the car’s front end, side mirrors and door handles.
Speaking of the body kit, the exterior color is called Jalop Gold and only adds more substance to the car’s head-turner status. That being said, we’re done with the talking, but you go ahead and see how The Defiant drives and feels on the road in the video below: